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New Children Youth Women

Ministry Objectives

Posted by Kampala Bible Presbyterian Church on May 19, 2017 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

1. To win lost souls to Christ through evangelism and discipleship.

2. To conduct Christ-centered, Biblically based worship services that promote a joyous adoration and relevant response to his presence.

3. To importantly train soul winners to win souls for Christ. We are not called to make converts but to go and make disciples who will reproduce themselves.

4. As mission church, we have an objectives of empowering a large segment of the Congregation to those who are going.

5. To nurture a maturing and committed that contends for the faith.

6. To demonstrate Christ's authentic love for His people through the preaching of God's Word, mercy ministry and appropriate people's true value (Jn 11:5,33-36).

7. To cultivate a small group ministry that facilitates the building of the relationships and enhances spiritual growth through bible study, prayer, vulnerability and outreach.

8. Train missionaries and evangelists for mission work.

9. Train teams in youth ministry.

10. Assist believers and their children to understand and apply God's truth to their lives.

11. Train believers how to share and present the gospel.

12. Train HIV/AIDS Biblical counselors the gospel.

Need to come after the Mission and should not exceed 6