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Ministry Focus

Posted by Kampala Bible Presbyterian Church on May 19, 2017 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

As a ministry that begins in a humble way (Psalm25.9, Matthew 13.32, Isaiah 60.22) we strongly put our focus on;

1) Ministry NOT money-Our real focus shall be on our ministries, that moves believers and non-believers from their existing states (Pre-birth) to maturity in spirit.

Money is good, has its position, and a big part to play in the ministry however we shall trust God always to supply and meet all our needs of this ministry (Philippians 4.19) he knows them all (Matthew 6.8) and this is his work (Philippians 1.5).

2) Regularly cast the ministry vision-The great commission is central to our vision and mission (Matthew 18.16-20). So our focus shall be on the present, future work and plans.

This will help us shape a proper view about our existence and focus, also do evaluation of the entire ministry, considering it's vibrancy and weakness plus laying a way forward to carry on the ministry vision to the another level.

3) Making evaluation and laying down strategic changes that will suit any given ministry in any given place, at any given season, time and the people to take it to the targeted group of people.

4) Evangelism and edification- As many will be brought into the kingdom, this will need spiritual nourishment. Evangelizing those hiding in church is also a necessity along with building the entire body of believers, preparing them for both physical and spiritual ministry while waiting for the coming of the Lord (Revelation 22.20).

5) Preaching Christ-alone, grace -saturated and bible-soaked sermons through Sunday services, one to one gospel sharing; on media, burials, weddings, special occasions like birth day parties, introductions and give away parties, visitations Etc. For encouragement and exhortation in the daily Christian walk.

6) Mobilizing and preparing the saints for ministry (Ephesians 4.10-13). Believers have to be brought into a sense of understanding their gifts and abilities, use them respectively to serve others.

7) Emphasize disciple making not decision making. Each believer is called to disciple others. This will indeed make our ministry a multiplying church and hence from spiritual maturity we shall attain numerical growth. The principle is quality produces quantity.

8) Train leaders to lead. This will be possible through earnest discipleship, training men to take up their spiritual and biblical leadership roles in their homes, church and society. This will be a foundation for establishing a strong leadership foundation ministry, through their realization of each other’s character, knowledge and skills to lead or carry out administrative tasks.