Welcome to Kampala Bible Presbyterian Church

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Kampala Bible Presbyterian Church

Brief Background

Before the KBPC started on 1st August 2010, none of us knew the church would finally start the day it started, because none of us was planning to start one. But as the Scripture says everything has its time and fulfillment. The church in which we grew up has had challenges like any church on earth. The Interim Pastor of the Church [Rev. David T. Baguma] was called and ordained Minister since 1992 He has therefore been in the circle of decision makers. Has served either Stated Clerk or Moderator both at Presbytery level and General Assembly level. The biggest issue has been transparency and accountability in the church. When Baguma challenged this continuous behavior, fellow ministers hatched a plan to eliminate him because he did ”not understand”. The struggle continued for over 12 years, until God made clearly that change will not come from within. It was to start a new thing that would be transparent and accountable and a fellowship as true body of Christ.

A month before the church started, one elderly man came to my office and as we discussed the issues of the church, I asked him “What do you think if a new church was started?" He quickly answered “That is what we have been waiting for!” He offered to look for the place and within 2 weeks, God provided a humble place in Kisenyi, a slum community in the Central of Kampala City. And so on a Lords day of July 24th 2010, I bade farewell to the church I had loved and served for 27 years. I thanked the Pastor and elders and members of the church for the love and lessons learnt over the years. I only mentioned that if they do not see me more often in the church, it was because God has started a new ministry in the city of which I will offer service most of the time. I was cautious not to be seen as dividing up the church, so I never invited any person nor mentioned the place where we were going. But it was amazing as well as humbling to see over 45 people attending the first worship Sunday worship service and over 30 signing up as members! I had hurriedly printed invitation cards mainly to be used by those who will come so as to invite others.

Vision of the KBPC: Christian Believers Walking in the Light in Uganda

We exist to evangelize the lost ,edify the saved through family life restoration while ministering to the needs of others and be a role model in the community through our services to the glory and honor of God's name. With all gratitude to God for the amazing grace at Calvary and the empty tomb, we aim to attain:

Our Mission Statement